Our Story


Javela and Steven Singleton started Gifted Hands Artisan Soap (GHAS) in 2015. Their business was birthed out of the need to begin ridding their home of unnecessary chemicals due to a hormonal health issue plaguing their home. Through months of research and implementation of Project Chemical Free the art of soap-making found a home in the Singleton's hearts.

They learned that whatever you put on your skin, eventually goes in your body. They are currently growing GHAS together from their beautiful home in Easley, SC, but have cultivated several business relationships over the years that have helped make their business a success, allowing Javela to transition into full time ownership in the Fall of 2016.

Today, GHAS has a thriving online shop, engages daily through their social media outlets of Instagram & Facebook, and can be found in various locations out in the community selling and raising awareness about the harmful effects of chemicals in skincare and household cleaning products on our body. Their mission is to provide their community and abroad with a handcrafted, chemical free bath and body alternative to mainstream, commercial products.