How To: Tall & Skinny Soap Mold (Extra Long)

It's time for me to start scaling up my business, so an easy way for me to do that is to be able to make more soap in relatively the same amount of time. I love the tall and skinny soap shape but have thus far been unsuccessful at finding larger molds that allow me to continue making soap the way I like. What I was currently using is the Tall & Skinny molds from Nurture Soap Supplies that produce 11 bars per mold. I had 10 of them. Which was great when I only wanted to make 1 batch at a time. I was thinking I wanted more of a slab mold configuration, which Nurture doesn't have, so I decided I was going to make it myself. 

I ended up making for slab molds that would produce 66 bars of soap each. I loved how they looked. I created a hinge on one end for easy unmolding. I was happy with the final product for sure. Now it was time to make soap. I generally use a drop swirl in my soap design. In fact, it's my favorite swirl. To my surprise, it was much more difficult to achieve the same quality of swirl in my slab mold as in my loaf mold and even though I'm a room temperature soaper, my slab was overheating and causing me issues there too! I also made a log splitter that I hated! Ugh! This was becoming much more of a hassle than I initially thought. Back to the drawing board I went.

Thinking, I love the loaf configuration of my 11 bar molds. I love that I just put it on my multi-bar cutter and on to the curing rack. No extra cutting required. I wonder how well an extra long loaf mold would work? Definitely not one that makes 66 bars but maybe 33 bars! I would make a hinged door on one end of the mold for easy unmolding and I could still use my multi-bar cutter and just have to slide the soap down after each cut! I should be able to produce the same quality drop swirl as before, no overheating, & no log splitting! Yay! Now to figure out the measurements and get this party started. And this time I only made to start, so if it didn't work out the way I was thinking, I wouldn't be losing much. This is a business after all.

Below you will find all the details for making this mold & a template for lining it with freezer paper. No silicone liner for it yet! ;-) In the end, I was able to use my current recipe x3 and get 36 - 5 oz. bars after cure! This is a huge win for me!

If you would like a printable download, Click Here! Let me know below if you decide to make it! I would also love to pictures of your final product and soaps you make! Tag me on Instagram @giftedhandsartisansoap 

Not A DIYer?! You can purchase this soap mold shipped and ready to use, here!

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